My involvement with xPL has come to an end. Automation has moved on considerably over the past few years, and it is now possible to buy a stand-alone controller off the shelf for a reasonable price, without having to spend hours writing your own code.

This website is being maintained as a record of my xPL development work up until 2011.

I have released the full source code of all my xPL projects into the public domain. You can download the archive from here.


  xPL Hub

A hub is a mandatory part of any PC-based xPL installation, handling message traffic between xPL applications. Hubs are no longer built into any xPL applications, and therefore must be installed separately.

This is the recommended hub for all Windows xPL installations. It does not require the .NET framework, and will automatically run as a Windows Service or as a console application depending on the version of Windows being used.

Support is provided through the xPL Forums.

Platforms: Win98 / 2000 / XP / MCE / Vista / Win7
Version: 5.13.0
Filesize: 494kb
Updated: 14th March 2010