My involvement with xPL has come to an end. Automation has moved on considerably over the past few years, and it is now possible to buy a stand-alone controller off the shelf for a reasonable price, without having to spend hours writing your own code.

This website is being maintained as a record of my xPL development work up until 2011.

I have released the full source code of all my xPL projects into the public domain. You can download the archive from here.


  News Archive for 2004
18th December 2004
Added support for X10 Security RF devices. Security messages are intended for use with security base stations, rather than as general X10 controllers. Therefore the messages they send cannot be mapped to the normal X10 commands. Instead, this updated service sends them using the basic.remote xPL schema.
6th December 2004
X10 RF remote controls often send multiple copies of messages - some even repeat a command all the time a button is held down. This is fine (and desirable) for DIM and BRIGHT commands, but creates unnecessary xPL traffic with ON and OFF commands, where a single message would be sufficient. This update allows the filtering of repeated messages - no xPL message will be sent in response to a repeated RF command until there has been a gap of the specified time. The timeout value is set to 200ms, but this can be modified in the xPLHal Manager. To disable the filtering, the timeout should be set to zero.
17th October 2004
Source code to the W800RF32 Windows service is now available in the Downloads section.
W800RF32 xPL Service and xPL C++ Library Updated
17th October 2004
Bug fixes to the BaseService class (relating to installation), resulting in updates to both the W800RF32 Service and the xPL C++ Library.

Note: The xPL C++ Library is no longer available. It has been replaced by the xPL SDK

xPL C++ Library Released
16th October 2004
Set of classes to aid the development of xPL applications and Windows services in C++.

No longer available. Replaced by the xPL SDK

13th October 2004
Provides xPL support for the W800RF32 X10 RF receiver from WGL & Associates.