My involvement with xPL has come to an end. Automation has moved on considerably over the past few years, and it is now possible to buy a stand-alone controller off the shelf for a reasonable price, without having to spend hours writing your own code.

This website is being maintained as a record of my xPL development work up until 2011.

I have released the full source code of all my xPL projects into the public domain. You can download the archive from here.


  News Archive for 2006
12th August 2006

xPLMCE is an add-in for Windows XP Media Center Edition that brings the power of xPL to your Media Center PC.

xPLMCE sends and receives xPL messages, providing full control of media playback via xPL, as well as enabling home automation devices such as lights to respond to Media Center events.

15th April 2006
A new schema family has been developed to support xPL communications between media playing devices, from humble MP3/CD/DVD players all the way up to Home Theater PCs. Anyone planning to add xPL support to this class of device should check out the schema definition on the xPL Wiki.
12th February 2006
The xPLW800 Service has been updated to include support for the RFXCOM 1-Wire® temperature sensors.

This release also includes as-yet untested support for the audiovisual commands sent by the latest X10 remote controls.

The xPLW800 page has been given a facelift and now includes details of all the X10 RF devices supported by the program.